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What’s The Big Deal? Part 2

“Play with my pussy while I jerk you off. Rub my clit; I want to cum again. Can you make me cum again, Noah?”

“Yes ma’am; anything you ask for.”

“Did you like to watch me ride that cock?” He grunted an affirmative response. “I like to put on a show for you. It makes me so horny, the way you look at me and watch me with unbridled lust in your eyes.” I tightened my grip slightly and stroked him a little faster. “Anything I ask for though, huh?” He made another affirmative grunt again. “What if I asked you to watch me fuck a real cock, someone else’s?” He didn’t respond; his thoughts torn between admitting his secret desires, their implications and the strictures of a conventional marriage. “Don’t play coy with me, Noah. I feel how hard your cock is. What’s the big deal? What if I told you that I want you to want this?” I tightened my grip further. His fingers started to rub faster against my hardened clit.

I continued speaking seductively and nibbled the ear lobe. “I want you to sit in your chair and beat off while watching me suck and fuck a hard, strange cock. You can help hold my legs back as he plunges his thick shaft deep into my hungry cunt. You can push your hard dick into my well-used, sloppy hole afterwards and fuck me until you blow a hot load.” He had begun to thrust his hips on my down stroke. “Tell me…tell me you want to fuck my used pussy until you paint its walls with your spunk.”

He and I were both close to cumming. “Yes, yes…I want to be inside your pussy.”


“After watching you get fucked deeply by a stranger’s cock.”

I swung up, onto his twitching prick and buried it to the hilt, humping it wildly and frigging my clit with abandon. “You like that wet, stretched cunt?” I asked him.

“It’s so soft and pillowy. Ride me. Uhn…don’t stop! I’m cumming!”

I was cumming simultaneously, my vagina contracting around his firm shaft. His warm seed was coating my insides. I milked his cock with my pelvic floor muscles several times, then quickly moved forward to straddle his face. “Now eat me, Noah. Taste our juices mixed together.” I reached down and got a handful for myself to encourage him, but it wasn’t necessary. He was licking, sucking and slurping at my hole, vying to reach every last drop. “Such a good boy you are. From now on, this is how our sexcapades will end; by you cleaning me up with your tongue. Remember that good boys get rewarded.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he readily agreed before going back to his ministrations.


Every couple of days for the next two weeks, I came home from work and instructed Noah to lay on the bed with his head at the corner. I would then straddle his face, lower my vagina down to his mouth and let him pleasure me unto orgasm. Sometimes I would jerk him off, blow him, or ride him. A couple times I would cease my attentions before he came to tease him a bit. If he did cum though, I was sure to have him clean it up wherever the load landed.

On one particular Friday night when our daughter was at her grandparents’, I was particularly horny. I wanted his seed deposited deep inside and to feel his tongue digging past my lips. We fucked for a long time; he just would not cum though. “What’s up? Why haven’t you cum yet?” I inquired.

He sheepishly admitted. “You only teased me two nights ago. I really needed a release yesterday. I masturbated in the morning and again at night after you fell asleep. I just don’t think I can cum tonight.”

I pushed him off of me, went to the closet and got some restraints and a paddle. “Turn over onto your stomach.”

He saw what I had in store for him. “What’s the big deal?” he balked.

“You have been a bad boy,” I explained as I began to apply the restraints to his wrists and ankles, then anchored them. “I told you that you may not cum without my permission.” I smacked him with the paddle across his bare ass. He flinched and gave a soft grunt. “What? Are we clear on that point?”


I let the paddle fly again; this time a little harder. He stifled a yelp. “Yes, what? You need several lessons reinforced this evening? I can oblige you. Get it right every time. Yes, what?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said earnestly.

“Is that it? No apologies? No promises to do better in the future?” The paddle met the soft, reddening flesh of his ass with a resounding crack.

He cried out, “Aaahhhhh!” He then sucked in a deep breath; having forgotten to breathe. “I’m sorry mistress. I will endeavor to address you correctly every time or be punished as you see fit. I will no longer orgasm without your express permission. Please…please don’t smack my ass again!”

“That’s up to you and your behavior.” I thought about giving him another, something for him to dwell on, but could see the welts swelling across his buttocks. “I’m going to give you some slack on the wrist restraints. I want you on your hands and knees.” He nodded an understanding and responded verbally with the accepted formula.

I had more surprises for him that were hidden away in my walk-in closet. I retrieved them and set the items behind a fold in the sheets so they could not be seen. I was careful that they did not clink together. I grabbed the lubricant, knelt perpendicular to his hips and lubed up both of my hands. I reached under him with my left hand and gently massaged his balls, before stroking his semi-flaccid penis. Responding to the stimulus, his organ soon began to swell again.

When his dick was fully engorged again and he was moaning with pleasure, I reached my right hand around, between his legs to knead his scrotum some more. I moved up to the taint area and began to apply firm pressure in a small, circular motion. Noah groaned and pushed back against my hand, increasing the force. My thumb moved up to his puckered butthole and circled that at the same pace, spreading the lube. For whatever reason, he clinched the sphincter and I noticed that his prick swelled simultaneously. 

He soon relaxed though and I began to gently push against the opening with my thumb. I slowly eased my thumb in up to the first knuckle, moving it not only in and out but around in a circle. This was something that he and I had never tried before, but he did not protest. I maintained a firm grip and a steady motion on his still-rigid cock. Focusing most of my attention back to his butt, I switched my thumb for the middle finger, working it past the first knuckle and up to the second.

“What a nice, tight hole. You like that?” I asked seductively.

“Yes…yes, ma’am. I do.”

I worked my index finger in alongside the middle finger. He moaned and pushed back, wanting more length inserted. I pressed in steadily, palm down and began to massage the prostate. He was bucking his hips now, fucking each of my hands in turn, forwards and backwards, again and again. “Yeah, get fucked. You like my fingers buried in your ass. Your dick is nice and hard in my hand. Are you going to jam it into my pussy and fuck me hard?” He just continued to grunt and moan, intent on the sensations.

I let the rhythm continue for a few more minutes, then I extricated my fingers, reached for the surprises. I had purchased a set of three ovoid, stainless steel butt plugs, each a little bigger than the previous. The first was 2 ½” long and about ¾” thick at most. I skipped that one and went directly to the second, 4” long and 1 ½” wide. I rubbed the lube from my hand over it, then rubbed it against his slick hole. I poised the plug at the opening and pushed gently, yet firmly. It slid in with little resistance up to the base. His muscle tensed and relaxed several times as he got used to it. I moved my right hand down to massage his balls some more, continuing to jerk him off at a steady, medium pace.

With my right hand, I grabbed the base of the plug and began to wiggle it around. When the sphincter muscle was nice and relaxed, I gradually removed the plug. I replaced it with the third and largest one of the set, 5” long and 2 ¼” wide. He let out a long, guttural grunt, but took it like a champ. I was proud of him and let him know.

“That’s a good boy. That hungry, little hole swallowed it up so nicely.” I released my grip on his cock and moved forward on the bed. “You deserve a reward,” I explained. I squeezed my right tit and shoved the nipple in his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head with my other hand and force fed him. “Yes, suck it. Bite it.” I yanked it away and pushed the left tit in his mouth next. “This one’s jealous now. Treat it right.” He was biting the areola and flicking the nipple with his tongue. “Good boy.”

I grabbed a handful of hair with my left hand and pulled. He released my tit reluctantly. I gripped his chin with my right hand and looked directly into his eyes. “You’re going to fuck my pussy now. You’re going to make me cum and you’re going to cum too. I want to feel your hot jizz. Are you going to cum tonight?”

“I don’t know if I can, ma’am.”

I slapped him hard across the face. “If you don’t hose down my cunt with your seed, you will be punished severely,” I explained as I wriggled underneath him, grabbed his cock with a choking grip and guided it forcefully in between my dripping lips.

He plunged his hot pole into the depths of my love well. “Yes ma’am. I understand.” He pistoned his engorged rod in and out, the ridge of his cock head banging against my g-spot with each pass. I wrenched up my legs and held them in place with my arms so he could gain maximum penetration. Remaining balls-deep, his circular motion was grinding his pelvic bone against my clit. I was quickly reaching orgasm.

I extended my arms and grabbed his buttocks, unquestionably still tender from the paddle. My fingers could just barely touch the edge of the butt plug. I moved it around the best I could. He liked it, a lot. It drove him to pound away at me even harder.

I responded by thrusting my hips forwards as well as I could to meet his effort. “Fuck me Noah,” I implored him. “Your cock feels so good. Use my pussy. Just don’t stop. Uhn…uhn…uhn. Fuck…meeeee,” I squealed as a powerful orgasm ripped through my being. I was shuddering uncontrollably, unable to do anything besides lay there, legs in the air, and take his relentless, driving rod.

Our lips were locked in a passionate, spit-swapping kiss. Warmth quickly built in my loins again and I found myself having another orgasm. My vaginal muscles clinched and didn’t release. He remained embedded deep inside me and emitted a feral groan of carnal pleasure. Hot, spurting ropes of cum sprayed my womb. I lowered my legs and gave his butt cheeks a playful squeeze as he slumped down onto me, exhausted. 

I undid the wrist restraints, then he pulled out of me and worked at releasing his ankles. That accomplished, he rolled over onto his back. With my hand clamped over my vagina to keep all the semen inside, I spun around and mounted his face in a 69 position. His arms were pinned at his sides underneath my legs. I kept my pussy above his face, looked between my legs and watched.

“Lay there with your mouth open.” He complied like the good slave that he is. I contracted and released my pelvic muscles, pushing the cum out of my sore cunt and causing it to drip into his patient mouth. I waited until the sperm only plopped out intermittently and then lowered my hole, our lips meeting.

I moved my own face forward to suck his dick clean. There was quite a bit of my vaginal cream built up around the base of his shaft. I lapped it up with relish. ‘What’s the big deal?’ I thought to myself. ‘I can be a dirty fuck-pig too.’ I intended to enjoy myself to the fullest extent and actualize my own desires as much as Noah’s.

I rolled off of Noah and we laid there for a bit. He suggested a shower to wash away the sweat and lubricant. I followed him to the master bathroom and noticed light glinting off the stainless-steel butt plug that was still embedded in his rectum. I patted his butt. “Nice! Enjoying that, are you?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am, I suppose I am. What’s the big deal? Besides, you didn’t give me permission to remove it. I wouldn’t want to give you reason to use that paddle again,” he said, smiling over his shoulder. He’s always been a quick learner. I’ve always liked that about him.